Thank you for visiting my online course page. You have come to the right place to continue your growth in developing your personal brand or career progression. I have taught at Harvard Business Publishing and UCSD Extension on both leadership and marketing topics. Harvard Business Publishing leverages the management insight, thought leadership, and expertise of Harvard Business School faculty to deliver timely and effective programs for Fortune 500 clients. Furthermore, in developing the first online marketing class for UCSD Extension, I have really enjoyed helping students either change careers or get started on their business or nonprofit careers with the UCSD certificate programs. Here on the Thinkific course management platform, I look forward to supporting you on your Lifelong Learning journey by offering more innovation and marketing classes to help you run your business.

Kaizen Training classes are designed with ease and accessibility in mind. My current students like the convenience of listening to the lectures on on a lunch break, at the airport lounge, or on the weekends. Some of you may have taken my in-person classes and enjoyed the face-to-face interaction, but I have found online classes to be nearly just as effective. I know there are many learning platforms available to add to your skills. However, by keeping the cost of these classes reasonable, I hope to share some very timely and relevant marketing and leadership concepts with you and help pay it forward :)

I am available as a resource to checkin with you on your progress. You can email me at [email protected]

What do I need to get started? 
To get started, pick a class and start looking at chapters and contents to see what is most suitable to you.If you are new to online learning, think of textbooks as the online browser content, and videos sourced from YouTube as well as powerpoint presentations that I have recorded as the replacement for lectures. Thinkific software/website keeps track of your progress, so if you take a break, you can rejoin at where you left off.

How can I pay for the classes? To start, some of the classes are free, so you can sample those first to get a taste of what online classes are like. For the fee-based classes, you will just need a credit card.

How can I follow up on what I have learned or ask more detailed questions if there are new topics I want to know more about? I share information weekly on my LinkedIn posts. Whether I have tips to improve your leadership skills or relevant information to share on board and gender diversity issues, I would love to stay connected with you via linkedin.

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